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Transformative Automation Service

Dive into the future of healthcare with Calmanac's Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Implementation Service. Powered by hBITS's unparalleled software development expertise. Transform care delivery and operational efficiency with seamlessly integrated automation solutions.

Streamlined Provider Onboarding

Automate credentialing and onboarding, minimizing administrative burdens.

Optimized Resource Allocation

Ensure resources are utilized efficiently for maximum patient benefit.

Efficient Payor Contract Management

Navigate contracts with ease, ensuring compliance and timely reimbursements.

Robust Revenue Cycle Management

Elevate your financial operations with comprehensive RCM automation.

Simplified Patient Registration

Enhance patient experience from the very first interaction.

Comprehensive Compliance Assurance

Automated checks and audits keep your practice on the right side of regulations.

The Essence of RPA in Healthcare

RPA at Work

RPA works by deploying software robots or "bots" to emulate human interactions with digital systems, automating repetitive, rule-based tasks without the need for manual intervention. This automation spans across various operations, from administrative tasks to patient care coordination.

By the Numbers

RPA Healthcare Market Insights: Claims processing (77%), along with customer service and enrollment and billing (both at 63%), stand out as the top processes healthcare organizations are targeting for automation.


of tasks within healthcare providers' operations can be automated


of healthcare companies are already harnessing or planning to implement RPA technologies.


of CFOs anticipate dedicating more time to RPA and similar workflow automation technologies.


of finance leaders view RPA as a key driver of growth, surpassing the impact of other technologies.

Embark on Your
Automation Journey

The adoption of RPA in healthcare is a strategic move towards not just keeping up with technology, but leveraging it to set new standards in care delivery. With Calmanac's RPA Implementation Service, automate up to 30% of routine tasks, shifting your focus to what truly matters: delivering exceptional patient care.

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