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Your Practice,

Leverage the combined strength of Calmanac and hBITS to bridge the gaps between your applications and technologies. Our integration services not only simplify the digital transformation of your practice but also unlock new levels of efficiency and insight, enabling you to deliver superior patient care.

Custom Integration Services

Seamlessly Connect Your Systems

In the digital age, the technological landscape of businesses becomes increasingly complex with each application and system added to the ecosystem. Powered by the technical prowess of hBITS, our integration services are designed to synchronize your disparate systems, ensuring seamless data flow and streamlined operations.


Through APIs

As your practice grows, so does the complexity of managing multiple technologies. The key to a cohesive technological ecosystem lies in seamless application integration, facilitated through APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). With Calmanac, powered by hBITS's integration expertise, you can:

  • Ensure data flows smoothly across your tech stack

  • Create end-to-end workflows for seamless employee and customer experiences

  • Work smarter with data-driven insights for faster, more informed decisions

Why Custom

Choose Calmanac for a tailored approach to integration, drawing on hBITS's deep expertise in API development. Our services promise:

Custom-Built APIs

Designed to meet your practice's unique requirements, enhancing data accessibility and operational flow.




Whether cloud-based or on-premise, we ensure your APIs function flawlessly within your existing infrastructure.

Comprehensive API Management

From monitoring to analytics, we provide the tools to understand and optimize your data processes.

Integrations List

Your Ready-to-Use Connections

Our suite of ready-to-use integrations effectively bridges the divide between your preferred tools and our platform. For needs beyond our current offerings, our integration services stand ready to develop custom solutions, ensuring you have the perfect fit to connect and optimize your operations.

Begin Your Integration Journey

Ready to transform your practice with seamless system integration?

Contact us to explore how Calmanac, powered by the technical expertise of hBITS, can customize integration solutions to fit your needs and propel your practice into the future.

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