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Calmanac Administrative Services

Imagine having a dedicated Calmanac assistant to handle any administrative task within the platform— from generating reports and updating statuses to managing manual tasks. Liberate yourself from administrative burdens and invest more time in client care.


Your Personal Calmanac Assistant

This skilled professional stands ready to take on a variety of administrative tasks on your behalf, from generating detailed reports and updating statuses to managing the day-to-day manual tasks that can often divert your attention from where it's needed most. Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your administrative burdens are expertly handled, giving you the freedom to invest in what truly matters.


Streamlined Client Onboarding

Leave the complexities of new client eligibility, benefits verifications, and non-insurance billing to us. With Calmanac, your primary concern is providing exceptional care, while we handle the rest.


Always Smooth Operations

Our commitment is to the seamless operation of your practice. From managing routine tasks to responding to unexpected challenges, we ensures that your administrative processes are always running smoothly.


Simplify Compliance and Audits

Your Personal Calmanac Assistant effortlessly tracks RBT Supervision in line with BACB requirements and navigate audits with ease. We make compliance a breeze.


Ready to Transform Your Administrative Processes?

Join the numerous practices that have streamlined their administrative operations with Calmanac. Contact us today to learn more about our Administrative Services and how we can customize them to fit your unique needs.

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