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Calmanac Billing Services

Unlock Calmanac's Billing Services and revolutionize your practice's financial health. Streamline your revenue cycle with our all-in-one billing solution: from precise contract setups and error scrubbing to seamless claims processing for commercial insurance and Medicaid. Embrace efficiency, maximize cash flow, and ensure compliance with our expertly managed services, tailored to elevate your operational success and financial performance.

Increased Cash Flow
Reduced Accounts Receivables (AR) Aging
Lowered Cost of Operations
Continuous Improvement

Key Performance Areas

What gets measured, gets improved!


Identify and address bottlenecks in cash flow

Cost to Collect

Streamline administrative tasks and employ automation

AR Aging

Reduce aging through timely follow-ups and effective dispute resolution

Gross and Net Collection Rates

Ensure that every billable service is accurately captured and reimbursed

Clean Claims Rate

Meticulous pre-submission checks

Reducing Bad Debt Rate

Enhance patient eligibility verification and precise charge capture

Why Choose Calmanac's  Managed Billing Service?



Expertise: Leverage our in-depth healthcare process knowledge and over a decade of RCM excellence.

Professional Team: Benefit from our staff of certified coding and billing professionals.



Achieve consistent >98% process and transaction quality.

Rely on our stringent adherence to SOPs and thorough documentation for accountability.



Trust in our unwavering 100% compliance with process, coding guidelines, and HIPAA standards, ensuring data security and confidentiality.



Our performance is rigorously monitored through defined Key Performance Areas (KPAs), ensuring top-tier service.

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