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The Growth Accelerator for ABA Practices

An intuitive, powerful tool that streamlines your operations and optimizes your financial performance.

Calmanac is the definitive solution for ABA providers looking to enhance their practice management with compliance at the core, advanced scheduling capabilities and a complete, robust revenue cycle management system.

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Offering In-Home Therapy?
Calmanac's Got You Covered

Navigating in-home therapy sessions? Calmanac simplifies it all:

  • Smart Travel Scheduling: Automatically calculates travel time, eliminating overlaps and delays.

  • Seamless Consents: Ensures necessary permissions are secured for stress-free patient transport.

  • Compensated Travel: Fairly rewards therapists' travel time, aligned with your policies.

With Calmanac, in-home therapy is streamlined and stress-free. Ready to transform your service delivery at home?


Discover Calmanac: Elevating ABA practices with smart scheduling, scalability, and unmatched efficiency. See why we're the top choice for ABA providers seeking innovative, effective solutions.

Schedule Smart,

Scale Smarter

Unlock the power of peak efficiency with Calmanac's Advanced Scheduling. Tailored to the dynamic needs of ABA therapy, our system ensures you're always prepared for what's next.

Growth Geared

Calmanac is not just a tool; it's a growth partner. Our solutions scale with you, ensuring your expanding practice has a robust, intuitive platform that grows every step of the way.

Unwavering Support

Every practice deserves star treatment. Calmanac’s extraordinary support levels the playing field, providing small practices the same comprehensive care as large ones. We champion the growth of smaller practices with resources designed to empower and uplift.

Features for Growing ABA Practices

Financials Fine-Tuned

Revolutionize your revenue cycle with Calmanac's Complete RCM. From seamless billing to insightful reporting, watch as financial management becomes a breeze.

Ease Into Excellence

Experience the ease of use with Calmanac's user-centric design. Spend less time training and more time transforming lives, backed by our comprehensive support.

Audit-Ready Assurance

Stay perpetually prepared for audits with Calmanac’s compliance-first approach. Our platform ensures that you're always ahead of the game, with compliance checks woven into the fabric of your daily operations. Be inspection-ready at a moment’s notice and navigate regulations with confidence.

Outcome Control

Advanced Scheduler is your safeguard against the pitfalls. It ensures that compliance, financial integrity, and service commitments are not just met but optimized, preventing revenue loss from cancellations, underutilized time, and most crucially, unclaimed billable hours.


  • Strict Compliance

  • Qualified Providers

Ensure each patient is matched with providers who are not only approved but fully compliant and qualified, maintaining the highest standard of care.

Cancellation Compensation

  • Late Fees

  • Efficient Rescheduling

Secure your practice’s earnings by getting compensated for late cancellations, and efficiently reschedule to optimize your available hours.

Commitment Fulfillment

  • Service Precision

  • Timely Care

Achieve your service commitments with precision, ensuring every allocated hour is used effectively to provide timely and complete care.

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