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Finally! A Practice Management crafted for ABA Enterprises!

Calmanac delivers where generic ABA practice management systems fall short. Engineered for scalability, precision, and compliance, Calmanac ensures that your enterprise is equipped to handle today's challenges and tomorrow's growth.

Journey of ABA Industry...

Journey of ABA Industry
Calmanac Dashboard Overview

The Smart Investment

  • Scalable: Ready for high-volume growth without the hassle.

  • Automated: Smart workflows boost efficiency, ensuring consistency.

  • Compliant: Top-tier, ABA-specific compliance built-in.

  • Ready-to-Use: Eliminates custom development, saving time and cost.

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Meeting Unmet Enterprise Needs

  • Contract Mastery: Full-spectrum tools for efficient payer contract management.

  • Precision Compliance: Custom engine for error-proof operations and standard adherence.

  • Speed in Operations: Boosts credentialing and billing for faster claims and resource optimization.

  • Stable Governance: Ensures operational consistency and excellence, streamlining staff transitions.

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Streamlining Transitions with Superior Features

  • Seamless System Integration: Links with top HRMS and finance systems for streamlined operations.

  • Customization and Control: Adapts to your brand, ensuring data security and control.

  • Strategic Implementation: Incremental and comprehensive options for smoother transitions.

  • Informed Decisions: Leverages BI tools and dashboards for deep insights.

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Join the Calmanac Evolution

Discover a partnership that goes beyond software. Calmanac is your ally in the pursuit of excellence, driving your practice to the forefront of ABA care. Let's revolutionize your operations together.

Work Authorizations
Maximize Efficiency & Profitability with Calmanac

For corporate ABA practices, scheduling is a strategic operation. Calmanac elevates this with smart automation and resource optimization, ensuring every  session contributes directly to your goals.

  • Resource Alignment: Strategically deploy staff and resources for maximum billable hours.

  • Contract Fulfillment: Increase your contract fulfillment rate, using approved hours to their fullest potential.

  • Compliance & Efficiency: Incorporates compliance checks and manages cancellations smoothly.

  • Seamless RCM Workflow: Precise scheduling ensures streamlined billing and revenue processes.

  • Travel Optimization: Minimizes overlaps and maximizes therapist efficiency with smart travel scheduling for in-home sessions.

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Seamlessly Connect, Streamline Operations

At Calmanac, we’re not just about managing operations; we’re about optimizing them by connecting the dots. Our integrations bridge the gap between your favorite tools and our robust practice management platform, crafting a seamless, unified workflow that propels your practice forward.

By the Numbers

Calmanac's impact on ABA Enterprises


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Explore Your Strategic
Advantage with Calmanac

Discover the transformative potential of Calmanac for your company.

We invite executives to a strategic session, offering insights into our experience with enterprise solutions and highlighting our key differentiators.

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